Belly Dance Course

Group classes 
Group Dance Classes are where you will build your repertoire with new patterns.  The students receive plenty of personal attention from a qualified instructor.

Private lessons

Private lessons are the fastest, easiest way to achieve your dance goals. We work with you to develop a program that fits your needs and suits your pace. With one-on-one attention you will progress more quickly and develop a strong foundation. During each lesson all of the experience and knowledge of your instructor will be focused on you and you alone!


A dance workshop is an intensive dance course conducted by dance experts for a group of people. We occasionally organize workshops to sharpen your dance moves and widen your dancing repertoire.


If you need to perform for a private function or need to compete in a dance competition or event a talent competition. We choreograph the dance for you, coach you through the routine, and make sure you dance and perform well for your event! Your success is our pride.

Complete Belly Dance Course Fundamentals:

- technique from the basics to advanced.
- Styles (Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish, American).
- BD elements (veils, sword, cane, finger cymbals, pot)
- Arabic folklore.
- Arabic Rhythms. 
- Maqan e Musicality.
- Creating Choreography.
- Improvisation. 
- Baladi Musical Progression.

Beginners I
basic belly dance technique (posture, undulations, basic traveling steps, shimmies and isolations).
An introduction to Middle Eastern music, modern egyptian, classical egyptian, american belly dance style  and a beginners choreography.
introduction to the history, context, and philosophy of belly dance.

A complete introduction to belly dance will spend 6 mouths.

Beginners II
Students will expand  the basic moves, exploring the Middle Eastern rhythms as said, baladi, malfuf, ayub etc..
Begin learn the choreography structure and improvisation with veils, including a brief about the differences between Belly Dance Classic Styles as egyptian, lebanese, american and turkish and the Eastern Music repertorie as Maqan (Baladi, Taksin).

a complete Beginners Course will spend 6 mouths.

Intermediate I
Learn introductory veil dancing technique and movement repertoire, basic zill playing technique.
New dance technique and combinations for a intermediate percussion choreography.
The students will explore more the Classical Belly Dancers and a brief of Egyptian folklore. 
the students provide their own material: 
3 yards of chiffon, silk, or other soft, hemmed fabric.
Zills for Belly Dance.
ceramic pot

Intermediate I Course spend 6 mouths

Intermediate II
Students will prepare a complex ensemble choreographies with zills, veils and tabla solo.
Learn about Taqsim improvisation, emotional expression, floor work and cane dance. 
build a repertoire from the folklore basic informations to build a Egyptian style, lebanese style and turkish style.
the students provide their own material:

bamboo cane
3 yards of silk
zills for Belly Dance
gypsy skirt 
Intermediate II spend around 6 mouths for be complete

Concentrate on components for Belly Dance performance, including advanced combinations, rhythm combos, sword dance and solo performance.
In the solo performance the student will learn how to discover her own style and dance identity. 

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