Fairy Tale Fan Veils - Interview with Nephele

 “Any fable or fairytale has some sort of reality in it. That's why I think I love the form of fantasy or fairytale, is that you're able to kind of put things in there and let people sort of, discover their own emotion, discover their own sort of feelings about things. Or make their own lessons from it.' 
Tim Burton

Any kind of dance needs elements to help the magic works. those props are like the wizard's hat where some dreams come out and bring you to another dimension. But the prop itself doesn't make it, it needs a good performer to enchant you to a dream. The fan veils are a kind of those magic props but if you don't know how to use them, they can lose aesthetic value. Its why Nephélé is invited to give us the workshop Fairy tale fan veils. 

Nephélé is an international award winning performer. She won second place at the international 'Jewel of Yorkshire' competition,vice-champion Fusion Star of Bellydance and Benelux Champion 2013. 
Nephélé has been a teacher and performer at numerous festivals in Europe. She is dedicated to the art of Oriental dance and is a strong believer of life long education when it comes to this beautiful dance.
Néphélé is as diverse in her dancing as she is in her expressions. Whether it's an explosive Sha’abi, a traditional Oriental or a fairylike fan veil choreography, she dances them all with equal passion and grace. She captivates and glamours the audience each and every time.

OL- How did you begin?
N - Well, to be very honest it started as a little joke between me and my friend. We wanted to try out a bellydance class for laughs because we thought we'd look ridiculous doing it. But as soon as I saw all those colorful hipscarves, heard that wonderful music, felt what the singer was singing without even understanding​ one single word, saw my hips do their very first hipdrop, I fell instantly in love with oriental dance. It was truly love at first sight! One class just wasn't enough, I never wanted to stop dancing ever again!

OL- Which dancers have been influencing your dance or who inspires you the most?
​N- Many many many dancers have inspired me over the years. I see things I like in almost every performance, whether I'm watching a beginner or a professional dancer. The oriental dancers that have inspired me the most are Khalida, Queenie and a bit further from home: Aziza of Canada. Lately I'm in love with the more 'Egyptian style' dancers like Leila of Serbia and Katarina Shereen of the Czech Republic.

OL- What are the obstacles to build a choreography with fan veils?
N- The biggest difficulty might be to keep them flowing, to keep them moving. And it is very difficult (I think) to find the right music. You don't want it to be too fast, nor too slow. Also: don't forget to keep dancing while handling your fan veils.


OL-You won the 2nd place at Stars of Bellydance with the fan veils choreography you are going to teach at 13th December - How was the inspiration process to choice the music and build this lyrical, magical choreography?
N- The inspiration hit me around Christmas time. It's traditional for me to watch a lot of Tim Burton movies around that time. I heard the music while watching 'Edward Scissorhands' and I knew I HAD to do something with this wonderful piece of music. It sounded so fairy tale-like... So I put one the music, grabbed a pair of fan veils and just started dancing. This choreo practically wrote itself. Sometimes things just feel 'right' and this one did.

OL- Which tips you can give to dancers are starting to use the fan veils in their dances?
N- Never go too fast, give the silk some time to play​. And always iron them before a performance!

For more information about the workshop: click here


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