Belly Dance Multiple Styles - Interview with Nelly

 by Isis Zahara

 "Do it big, do it right, and do it with style."
  Fred Astaire

Nelly is one of the most famous Greek belly dancers in the world. She performed with the Belly Dance Superstars and the Belly Dance Evolution show created by Jillina. 

She studied with famous teachers as  Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahme, Raquia Hassan, Momo Kadous, Zaza Hassan,Tito, Khalled Mahmud, Aida Nour, Liza Laziza, Asmahan, Randa Kamel, Dina, Mona el Saeid, Yasmina of Cairo,Karim Nagi, Jillina, Bozenka, Orit and others.
Her creative and expressive style took her to perform and teach in the most important festivals around the world, including the biggest, Ahla Wa Sahlan.

Nelly also organizes workshops  with famous teachers as Orit Maftsir, Rachel Brice and her own Festival Orient Express in Vienna Austria.

 more informations about Nelly:

IZ. You are acclaimed international performer, choreographer, instructor and producer. How was your first contact with Oriental dance?
N.My First touch with Bellydance was completely by coincidence.I was a latin teacher and my student was a bellydancer…so she invited me to watch her show and I felt in love with the magic of Bellydance.Then I start to take classes,to train,to take workshops and to travel in Cairo.

IZ. You have a special background, which different other styles of dance. In the midst of today's landscape of fusion, Oriental Dance is mixing with other dance forms of the world. What do you think about that?
N. I studied ballet, modern dance, flamenco, latin, ballroom and i’m really happy about that. My experience with these styles gives me a lot of fresh and good ideas for my shows. I find the oriental elements in other styles really sensitive and interesting. With these combinations we have the possibility to have an interesting fusion style.

IZ. How was to perform with the Belly Dance Superstars and The Belly Dance Evolution? How is work with Jillina?
N.To perform with the BDSS and BDE was like a dream that I was living inside. To work with Jillina is just amazing and indescribable. Her energy as choreographer and instructor of the show is captivating. The more you train with her, the  more you feel the magic and the love which was put to create a show like this.

IZ. You have your own dance company “Nelly Raks Group” – What is the meaning for you of being the artistic creator of a dance company?

N. I want to give to the young and dynamic ladies the chance to see through the door of professionalism in the BellyDance world and to grow their personalities and self confidence. I want to realize the choreographies on my mind and to try new things on stage.

IZ. This year you had your 1st Orient Express. Acclaimed by the public, the critics and all the participants. What are the challenges to be the organizer of an International Festival?
N.The challenges of organizing a festival are really big. You have to be and feel responsible for your teachers, participants and the people, that they are working under your instructions. This year the comments were really good and I wish this festival to grow and get bigger and bigger. The most important thing for me is to create a festival with high quality standards and to keep it also.

IZ. It's said that the profession of dance producer is a risky one. How do you feel when you have an idea in your mind and need to make it reality? Do you enjoy taking risks? What are the challenges for you?
N. When I have an idea in my mind, it is just the beginning of a trip to make it reality. “First you have to dream and after you have to live it.” I am not afraid to take risks in my career, because only who takes some risks will be able to take a big step forward.
Challenges are like a self training for me. They always make me and my personality stronger and help me to get to know and handle my abilities better.
To change my whole dance career in one day was a really big risk which I took years ago. But exactly this risk brought me many many steps forward and offered me the career that I was dreaming of.

IZ.Besides your dance company, the Orient Express, do you have any other projects in mind?
N.Of course I have some new projects in my mind and still a lot are coming. The Orient Express Festival was just a beginning of a long, long trip in my career as an organizer of Oriental Events. So if you want to know more about my events, you can stay tuned via my homepage or Facebook. For sure you will see some new surprises!


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